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Topics: Pablo Picasso, Drawing, Málaga Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: August 6, 2012
Quincy Morlan
Mrs. Cleveland
Painting I I
May 23, 2012
Pablo Picasso
Pablo Picasso started to paint when he was eight years old. Like many children he would make drawing, but his drawing was more creative. When Picasso was young he drew about nature, just like older artists would draw and paint. When Pablo was five he would get drawing lessons at school, in Malaga. Picasso’s father was an art teacher, he would take full control of Pablo’s education in art. He gave him lessons and sent him to school. In 1891 Picasso’s father got a new job at the art school of Instituto da Guarda in La Coruna, where the family moved and in 1892 Pablo joined his father at the Instituto da Guarda as a student. In 1895 his father went to the art academy La Lonja in Barcelona, where Pablo joined him. With the financial aid of his uncles, Pablo goes to study in Madrid at the end of 1897. Pablo Picasso’s father, Don Jose was from a wealthy family from the Provence Leon and his mother, Dona Maria was from Andalusia. Pablo had two younger sisters Dolores, and Lola they died at the age of four. Pablo would begin to sign his artwork with Pablo Ruiz (after his father), but from 1900 he would use his mother’s last name Picasso. Picasso’s relationship with his parents became strained when he quit his studies. Picasso dropped out of school in Madrid not because he thought he didn’t have anything to learn anymore, but because the teachers in Madrid couldn’t help him solve the technical problems he had. His decision to quit his studies resulted in a severe crisis for Picasso. Pablo Picasso died on April 8, 1973 in France, while he and his wife Jacqueline entertained friends for dinner. “Drink to me, drink to my health, you know I can’t drink anymore”. Devastated and lonely after the death of Picasso, Jacqueline Roque took her own life by gunshot in 1986 when she was 59 years old....
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