Informative Speech Tulip Festival

Topics: Netherlands, Holland, Dutch American Pages: 3 (821 words) Published: March 3, 2011
Student Name: Tanda Engelsma
Speech Type: Informative
Attention Getter and Motivation Statement:
WOODEN SHOES??? Have you ever wondered why those CRAZY Dutch people wear wooden shoes? And why oh why would they dare make an attempt to dance in them? Good Morning. My name is Tanda Engelsma. Thirty years ago I was born in a Dutch found Michigan City by the name of Holland. At a very young age my family moved to a new city and I was unable to experience of any Dutch traditions, holidays or festivals. Credibility Statement:

I feel confident in discussing one of the many festivals celebrated by my relatives. I have researched many articles and read biographies on the founders of this unique festival of flowers.
Purpose Statement/Position Statement/Preview of Main Points: My purpose here today is to inform you of a Dutch festival held throughout the United States and other countries but most specifically of the one closest to my heart…the Tulip Time Festival held annually every May in Holland, Michigan. This festival has been noted by Readers Digest and entertains thousands of people on a yearly basis. I plan to walk you through a basic background of the festival, talk about the woman that suggested it an the most common and entertaining event performed during the festival. TRANSITION: To get started let’s get a brief background on the Dutch Festival known as “Tulip Time”. MAIN POINT 1:

Many cities that were founded by my ancestors from the Netherlands, better known as “Dutch Settlers” hold annual Tulip Festivals throughout the world. It just happens to be that in 2004 Readers Digest named, my birthplace, of Holland, Michigan to be “the best small town festival in America.” In 1927, over 83 years ago, the idea to have this festival of tulips came about. Then in 1928 the Holland City Council appropriated funds for an to get 100,000 bulbs from the Netherlands and sell them to the locals for a low price of only one cent each....
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