Informative Speech: Swahili

Topics: The Lion King, Arabic language, African Union Pages: 2 (424 words) Published: April 5, 2011

TITLE: Swahili
SPECIFIC PURPOSE: At the end of my speech my audience will be able to know the hidden secret of the lion king, the basic history and origins of Swahili and the International presence of Swahili. CENTRAL IDEA: One of my greatest occupations in life is to learn more about my native language.

A.Attention Getter
1. Swahili is an African language spoken by various countries within Africa. 2. Does “Hakuna Matat”, “Simba”, or “Pumba” remind you of anything? Well, it should, if you have seen the movie the “Lion King”. 3. I know many people back home in Switzerland who speak fluent Swahili including my mother. B.Preview

1. The Lion King
2. Origins and History of Swahili
3. International presence
A.The Lion King
a. Simba means Lion, Pumba means Silly, Mufasa means last King.
b. Hakuna Matata a song you all most likely know mean No worries in Swahili.

a. Rafiki means monkey
b. Nala means Queen
B. Origin’s of Swahili
a. Swahili is spoken in East and Central Africa
b. Derived from the Arabic Language
a. The reasons for this is that this are the countries that colonized most of the African’s countries b. influenced also by German, Portuguese, English and French words during the last five centuries. C. International presence of Swahili

a. Swahili is able to maintain its prevalence
b. Swahili is one of the languages that feature in some world radio stations such as, the BBC. 2.
a. Swahili language is also making its presence in the art world - in songs, theatres, movies and television programs. For example, the lyrics for the song titled "Liberian girl" by Michael Jackson has Swahili phrases: "Nakupenda pia, nakutaka pia, mpenzi we!" (I love you, and I want you, my dear!). b. Swahili is offered as a subject of study in prestigious universities like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Princeton, the University of Pennsylvania and many...
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