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Topics: Get-rich-quick scheme, Ponzi scheme, Investment Pages: 3 (1095 words) Published: September 22, 2012
Title: How to prevent yourself from involving in a get rich quick scheme. General goal: I want to inform my audience.
Specific goal: I want to inform my audience on how to identify the nature of get rich quick schemes and how to avoid being a victim of the scheme. Thesis statement: I want to share with my audience about get rich quick scheme by explaining the nature of the scheme and ways to avoid being a victim of the scheme.

Attention getter: If there is anybody here knows someone close to you, your relatives or maybe your own neighbors lost a lot of money and end up in debt because of scams, please raise your hands up. I.Listener relevance: A get rich quick scheme is an event where people invest their money for a certain organization or event to gain a guaranteed high return of money within a short period. II.Speaker credibility: I became interested in this topic because when I was in secondary school, my father met an old friend who convinced him to invest in a project that guaranteed him a high return of money every month. So, my father invested RM 70 000 and he received RM 10 000 for the next three months. But, he received nothing on the fourth month as the project was then arrested by Bank Negara. Later we found out my father lost RM 40 000 to a scam which is the infamous get rich quick scheme. III.Thesis statement: Specifically, I want to inform you about the nature of get rich quick schemes, and how to avoid being a victim of this scheme. Transitions: Let’s start with the nature of the scheme so that we will be able to identify the characteristics of get rich quick investments.

I.According to Lancer Lanoue in his article “Avoid getting ripped off by get rich quick schemes”, Get rich quick schemes are methods of investment that will make you a lot of money with little risk or need for knowledge in the field. The unfortunate truth is that there generally are no "get rich quick" schemes. The road to success is neither quick...
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