Informative Speech: Overnight Backpacking

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Informative Speech: Overnight Backpacking

How many of you can remember when you just got away for a while? Don’t you just want to get away from all the noises of the city? Overnight backpacking is enlightening and a blast!

I. Overnight backpacking is enlightening because being out in nature away from the everyday responsibilities of our world can put one’s life into perspective.

A. Overnight backpacking brings relaxation.
B. Overnight backpacking can also stir up reflective thought C. Overnight backpacking in its self, is already a demanding physical workout.

II. Overnight backpacking is enlightening because people that share an outdoors experience often become closer and understand each other better.

A. Overnight backpacking also brings teamwork together. B. Overnight backpacking needs your undivided attention. C. Overnight backpacking also allows you to share a tent with others.

III. Overnight backpacking is enlightening because interacting and watching outdoor life can help us understand and gain an appreciation for wildlife and the world we live in.

A. Being in nature, you tend to have a lot of time watching wildlife. B. Being away from all the people and machines in the city, you finally get to listen to nature. C. Challenging yourself and seeing life in a different view brings you a new perspective.

I will never forget that hike or the people I was with when I went overnight hiking in Utah!


Overnight Backpacking is enlightening. Not only have I informed you on how enlightening overnight backpacking is, I have also brought to you the many other things you can take from overnight backpacking. So once again, if you want to have a new perspective or share a new appreciation of wild life, overnight backpacking is for you!
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