Informative Speech Outline

Topics: High school, Art, Extracurricular activity Pages: 12 (2308 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Madeline N. Powell
Phillip Slay
Andrew Harper
Julissa Rivera

Speech 1315
5 March 2013

Informative Speech: The Importance of Extracurricular Activities in Adolescent Development

Informative Speech: Importance of Extracurricular Activities in Adolescent Development

1. Introduction
a. Attention getter:
i. Phillip Introduces 4 different character scenarios: 1. Introduce Drew-
a. Involved in art
b. Successful accountant
c. Helped with:
i. Time management
ii. Communication
iii. Presentation Abilities
2. Introduce Phillip-
a. Wasn’t involved with any extracurricular i.e. theatre. b. 42 and living in moms basement
c. Helped with:
i. Motivational speaking
ii. Communication apprehension iii. Knowledge retention
3. Introduce Maddie-
a. Involved in Music/Dance
b. Business Executive
c. Helped with:
i. Team work
ii. Professional Body Language iii. Organizational Qualities
4. Introduce Julissa-
a. Not involved in any extracurricular i.e. sports b. Works at DQ
c. Would have helped:
i. Physical & Mental Health
ii. Higher Self-esteem
iii. Scholarship to College

b. Thesis Statement
i. Extracurricular activities are important… 1. Development of:
a. Positive Thinking (Molinuevo 843) b. Healthy advance development (Molinuevo 843) c. Character building (Molinuevo 843) d. Peer acceptance(Molinuevo 843)

c. Preview of Points
i. Importance of:
1. Art
a. Development of Adolescents
b. Positive Effects
2. Theatre
a. Development of Adolescents
b. Positive Effects
3. Music & Dance
a. Development of Adolescents
b. Positive Effects
4. Sports
a. Development of Adolescents
b. Positive Effects
d. Credibility Statement
i. Drew
1. Art Programs in High School
ii. Phillip
1. Theatre for 8 years
iii. Maddie
1. Danced for 14 years
2. Choreographed two musicals
iv. Julissa
1. Previous Sports i.e. Soccer, Basketball & Track 2. Body
a. Art
i. What is Art?
1. Anything
a. Examples-
i. Sculpting
ii. Watercolor Painting
iii. Photography
2. Expression
3. Lois Fichner-Rathus states “We would probably all agree that the arts enhance daily experience; some of us would contend that they are linked to the very quality of life” (1). 4. The importance of Art

ii. Cutting Arts programs for Schools
1. “More...
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