Informative Speech on Supplements

Topics: Vitamin, Dietary supplement, Dietary mineral Pages: 4 (1142 words) Published: November 16, 2010
Topic: Supplements
GP: To inform
SP: To inform my audience of supplements.
Central Idea: Today I will tell you about the benefits of proper supplements to use when working out, losing weight, and remaining healthy. Main Points
I.Supplements to use to remain healthy
II.knowing your ingredients
III.Dangers of using dietary supplements
Type of informative speech: Object
Method of organization: Topical
Too much of anything is bad for you. I’m sure you have all heard this statement at least once in your lives. This is a very big problem with a lot of people in the world of working out. Incorrect supplementation can lead to severe injury or even in rare cases death. No sports medicine-related subject has received more global press than dietary supplements in athletes. From the male and female high school sports, to the Olympic field and professional baseball diamond, our athletes have a problem. Athletes with an inadequate diet need supplements to counter act their lack of nutrients. A balanced diet supplying extra calories is adequate for increased needs due to exercise, although supplements can remedy nutrient deficiencies. Athletes on low-calorie diets to reduce body fat run the risk of malnutrition because they may not consume adequate vitamin E, vitamin D, or vitamins of the B complex like folic acid, calcium, and iron. Marginal vitamin C deficiency can impair performance. Iron intake for many women is marginal and exercising can worsen an iron deficiency, leading to anemia.

There is no special set of recommended dietary allowances for vitamins and minerals for athletes. Some studies indicate an increased need for certain nutrients. Requirements for B complex and zinc may increase with exercise, and female gymnasts may be low in vitamin B6, folic acid, calcium, iron, and zinc. Teenagers who are long-distance runners may be anemic because some blood is lost to the intestine through jarring. Eating mainly processed foods worsens the problem....
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