Informative Speech on Rwandan Genocide Outline

Topics: Rwandan Genocide, Hutu, Tutsi Pages: 5 (1293 words) Published: November 29, 2012
Ben Johnson
Intro to Comm.

Rwandan Genocide

General Purpose: To Inform

Specific Purpose: To share with the class that the Rwandan Genocide was a brutal genocide that most people know little about.

Thesis: The Rwandan Genocide is one of the lesser known, quickest, and most inhumane genocides this world has ever seen, and it is still affecting the people of Rwanda till this day.

Organizational Pattern: Topical


I. Attention Getter: What some people do not know is that Rwanda was home to the most brutal genocide this world has ever seen. There is a book of testimonies where the survivors of the Rwandan genocide told their story of their struggle to survive called, Survival Against the Odds. There was one survivor named Dephrosa, and this is a quote from her testimony. "They brought us all in the sitting room and started forcing us to take our clothes off. The housekeeper rapped me. My husband wanted to intervene but they staved him off by hitting him with a masus [a club with nails] on his neck. He fell back in the chair." the husband was not killed right away they kept him alive to watch multiple men rape his wife and daughters for several days until they finally killed him.

II. Connection: I am not here to tell you my opinion about how the Untied States, the Untied Nations, or the world should have handled this historical tragedy. I am here to share with you what had happened to three-quarters of the Tutsi race in Rwanda.

III. Thesis Statement: The Rwandan Genocide is one of the lesser known, quickest, and most inhumane genocides this world has ever seen and it is still affecting the people of Rwanda till this day.

IV. Transition: When most people think about genocide the first thing that comes to their mind is the Holocaust, but what a lot of people don't know is that the Holocaust wasn't the worst mass murder our Earth has seen.


I. The Rwandan genocide is one of the fastest but less known genocides we have on record.
A. The genocide lasted only 100 days from April 6, 1994 through July 16, 1994 which makes it one of the shortest genocides in history.
1. President Hayarimana was assassinated in the beginning of April 1994 and that was the start of the genocide.
a. It is believed by many, that Hutu rebels shot down the presidents plane for a reason to start the mass murders, but has never been proven.
2. Only hours after the assassination, the killings began.
a. A quote from an article called100 Days Of Slaughter published by PBS says, " The International Red Cross estimates that tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of Rwandans are now dead by April 21, 1994."

B. An estimated 800,00 to 1,000,000 Tutsis and some moderate Hutus were slaughtered during the genocide.
1. Kathy Robinson a Holocaust and Genocide Professor stated that, " 6 men, women, and children were murdered every minute of every hour of everyday for 3 months."
2. Three-quarters of all Tutsis in Rwanda were murdered during the genocide.

II. The Hutu's didn't just kill the Tutsis, they dehumanized and murdered them in the most inhumane ways imaginable.
A. The propaganda that the Hutus used to influence people into believing that the Tutsis were worthless and were better off dead.
B. The weapons the hutus used to murder hundreds of thousands of Tutsis.
C. The Hutu's used rape to torture, humiliate, and infect the Tutsis with HIV.
1. Rape wasn't just a weapon used to infect the women with HIV; the husbands were forced to watch their wives and daughters get rapped by several Hutu men.
a. A quote by a Rwandan survivor named Aline, "My father had to watch us being raped and abused. My mother was raped, then my sister and then me. My father was forced to watch. He couldn't move, not even look away."

2. The interahamwe (a militia group part of the genocide) paid HIV positive men to rape Tutsi women, so the...
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