Informative Speech on Daydreaming

Topics: Cerebrum, Psychology, Frontal lobe Pages: 3 (789 words) Published: April 22, 2012
Aly Beall
Speech Date: Wednesday March 28, 2012
Informative Speech

A. Attention Getter- Slap ruler on desk and yell “STOP DAYDREAMING AND PAY ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!” B. Credibility- Being A.D.H.D., I hear that a lot from my teachers. I have them clap their hands in front of my face or shake my desk to get me to pay attention. C. Common Ground- I'm sure everyone has had a story like one of mine, you were innocently daydreaming and in your own subconscious world, when you were rudely interrupted and informed that you were wasting time. D. Thesis- Daydreaming is actually something that should be encouraged. E. It promotes people to accomplish their individual goals, it helps establish the person you are, and it is promoting scientific research.

-----> Transition: One of Walt Disney's famous quotes is “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

A. Daydreaming can help someone accomplish their goals.
1. When you have a work-related daydream about the future and what you want to do and be, you are setting goals to be accomplished
Some people see themselves as CEO of a big corporation, Some people see themselves in a science lab, Some behind a fancy office desk, Some about traveling the world, Some running their own company, or some as stay home parents who give all of their attention to raising their kids. This kind of daydreaming is your subconscious telling you what will make you happy in life and what you are going to enjoy. Discovering what you want sets a goal.

Using Visualization also helps many people accomplish their goals. Athletes are often made to visualize themselves succeeding.
An example is that, Gymnast are encouraged to visualize themselves completing the tumble and see themselves be successful at their task before attempting it without someone assisting. If your mind can see you do it enough on your own your body has more assurance that you can actually complete the goal.

-----> Transition: Along with...
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