Informative Speech on Art Communication

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  • Published: November 27, 2012
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A. Gain Attention
The most famous quote that people associate with art is “A picture paints a thousand words”. Although this is a quote widely known, I would say that the quote “Painting is a blind man's profession. He paints not what he sees, but what he feels, what he tells himself about what he has seen” accurately describes the essence of art.

B. Arouse Interest
Art is an outlet for self-expression and creativity. Through the use of paintings many artists have created works that have become known throughout the entire world. And why are these paintings so famous? (visual aid: Andy Warhol, American Gothic, Guernica, The Persistence of Memory, The Last Supper, The Scream) * Complexity

* Controversy
C. Thesis Statement.
Without a doubt, art is a form of communication that allows one to express what they cannot accomplish through the use of words. D. Establish Qualifications
Through the art history course that I took here at Seneca Valley and the extensive research that I have done I have discovered many ways through which art can communicate a message that the artist wants to make public. E. Forecast Organization and Development

There is a form of communication called aesthetic communication and this is what the messages given through the form of art are. They are creative representations of an artist’s ideas, perspective, views, and values through the use of various symbols, colors, and methods. Through these uses of art, the artist creates meaningful works, whose purpose is to invoke a response from the audience. There are hundreds of examples of paintings that have had huge effects on society. There are paintings which have captured history and the values during a certain time and there are paintings that have made a social commentary on the time of creation.

A. Through the use of symbols, many paintings convey messages that might mean different things for different people. Visual aid: the persistence of time and Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s soup. What are these artists trying to say?

Symbolism of melting clocks, ants, and the fading painting:
Andy Warhol’s symbolism of the soup cans: humor, poking fun at the traditional painting of the fruit bowl, repetition. One might not immediately derive this from looking at the painting. Some might even criticize it because they don’t understand the message. All these things might mean something different to someone from a different culture. What you are exposed to ultimately influences your thoughts and perceptions on a subject and artists do count for this. They know that there are differences in the way that people see their paintings. They embrace this. Everything is not always black and white in the world of art. Although many art historians analyze paintings for years and years, sometimes in some cases, we may never know the entirety of the message that the artist wanted to convey through the painting. These two paintings attempt to tell a story through the use of these symbols

B. Paintings have also become a way to capture history in the making. They were used before photographs and now, some paintings are the only things we have to rely on for knowledge about certain ancient cultures. “It is said that art is a way of communicating that which is within to those who are on the outside.” The artists who capture these moments in history, obviously found it necessary that they paint it. They want to show the world an event, a person, or a place that has extreme significance to them. Take for example, Pablo Picasso’s Guernica.

This painting was a response to the devastating events which took place in Guernica during the Spanish Civil War. The painting shows severed head, mutilated animals and bodies, and overall suffering. Through this painting Picasso made a comment on how war and fighting ultimately leads to suffering of innocent beings. This painting clearly shows his anti-war views and his promotion of peace....
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