Informative Speech About Brain Injurys

Topics: Traumatic brain injury, Glasgow Coma Scale, Brain Pages: 4 (1365 words) Published: April 10, 2011
Imagine being the popular kid in school everyone looking up to you being drop dead gorgeous, amazing at sports, and a bright future ahead of you, then waking up one day to have your entire life flipped upside down. I don’t know If any of you know someone with a brain injury or head trauma but I have been influenced by it my whole life. My Aunt Terri was in a horrible crash, she was comatose for over three weeks, and woke up with the mind of a toddler, her story is in nothing short of a miracle.

When my aunt was 15 she was in an atv accident. A car had not seen her and hit her on her atv at 60 mph. She was instantly comatose on impact. Her parents immediately called 911, once the ambulance arrived the paramedics knew immediately that the Terri was in critical condition. She was rushed to the local hospital by ambulance to stabilize her so that she could be sent by helicopter to Sioux falls I.C.U. On her way to the hospital she had to be resuscitated multiple times in the ambulance and the helicopter. Terri’s head was the size of a basket ball, her left leg was shattered, broken in 28 places. After arriving at the Sioux Falls I.C.U. Terri’s parents were urged to have all family and friends come say their goodbyes because she wasn’t going to make it through the night. Making it through the first night was a huge fight to overcome but she did it!, For the next three weeks friends and family patiently wait for Terri to wake up.

21 days after Terri was admitted into the Sioux Falls I.C.U., She finally woke up. According to her family she was awake much before the 21 day mark, but according to the Glasgow coma scale she was still not fully awake, this scale can be found on Once Terri was fully awake her mental ability was measured and unfortunately she went from having the mind of a 9th grader to the mind of a kindergartener, she was forced to relearn everything including walking, talking, and eating. After being discharged from the...
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