Informative Speech

Topics: Tiger Woods, PGA Tour, Golf Pages: 4 (1188 words) Published: April 4, 2012
General purpose: To inform
Speech Goal: I would like to give everybody an insight on Tiger Wood’s life. I will talk about his early childhood, golf career, and the scandal that became his downfall.

Who in your opinion is the most dominant well-known figure in professional sports? This is up for debate to many of us as we all have different likes or interests. But there is one individual who was destined for stardom and was in the spotlight at a very early age.

He is arguably the one individual in our lifetime that transformed his sport. With his presence, the sport of golf became popular and was no longer a ratings buster on television, and became a sport more young kids wanted to get involved in. It was finally gaining ground with other popular sports, and although it would never be as popular as little league baseball, it became recognized to more youngsters that golf is pretty cool.

He also brought millions of dollars in revenue from just his presence. Golf Tournament payouts increased dramatically, public and private golf rounds increased, and overall revenue generated from the golf industry increased.

I have experienced first hand what the Tiger effect has had on the golf Industry. Being a Golf Professional for fifteen years, I witnessed a growth and interest in our business that we as golf professionals had not seen before and a majority of it can be contributed to what Tiger Woods has done for the sport of golf.

Today I’d like to speak with you about the life of Tiger Woods beginning with his early childhood, to golf stardom, and then the scandal that made his world come crashing down.

I. To begin, allow me talk briefly about the early childhood of Tiger.
A. Tiger Woods was born on December 30, 1975 by his father Earl Woods and mom Tida Woods (Londino 10)
1. Tiger’s ethnic makeup consists of African-American and Asian as his mom is from Thailand. His...
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