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  • Published : September 27, 2014
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Standardized testing.

Specific Purpose: After listening to my speech, my audience will know what standardized testing is, how it has developed and its effects on our schools and education. Introduction
Attention Getter: So what exactly is a ‘standardized test’? It’s a test where everything from the questions to the scoring is the same for all test takers. Credibility Statement: We’ve all taken a standardized test. We took one in order to attend this college. Motivating Audience to Listen: “Americans are taking as many as 600 million standardized tests each year in schools, colleges, universities, and the workplace” Peter Sacks. Thesis Statement: Standardized testing has become widespread, but it has its pros and cons. Preview: I will show you the development of standardized testing and the effects it has on our schools and education. I. Standardized testing: A century in the making.

A. The development
1. Early 20th century (Washington Post)
a. Standardized testing began in the United States.
b. Alfred Binet developed an intelligence test. (Washington Post) c. Frederick J. Kelly designed a multiple choice test.1914.(Washington Post) d. Used in WWI/Army to find “officer Material” 1917
e. SAT established 1926.
B. Late 20th century-21st century (Huff Post)
1. National Defense Education Act (NDEA) passed.1958. (Heubert) 2. (FCAT) The Florida comprehensive assessment test approved.1999. 3. President George Bush signs the No Child Left behind Act into law. 2002 4. Political and personal debates erupt. Present Day

Transition: Now that I have shown you the history and development of standardized testing, I will know tell you how it effects schools and our education.

II. The effects testing has on schools and education
A. Pros (Meador)
1. It allows comparisons between different schools.
2. Teachers and schools responsible for teaching students the material. 3. Provides guidance of what to teach, and when.
B. Cons. (Meador)
1. Does not take...
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