Informative Speech

Topics: Communication, Social network service, Facebook Pages: 3 (988 words) Published: November 25, 2010
Interpersonal speech:

How many of you have a Facebook? Did you know that since Mark Zukerberg created it in 2004, over 500 million people across the world use Facebook? In fact, 117,144 of those 500 million people are from the United States alone. Communication has changed so much over the past even 20 or 30 or so years. Nowadays we use more electronic communication like texting, Skype, and social networking sites like Facebook. But one thing hasn’t changed over the past 20 or 30 years like communication. The way you communicate affects how people think of you. So in order for others to respect and view you in a positive way, you must be successful in interpersonal communication. Personally, three ways that have helped me become a better interpersonal communicator are using electronic communication, discovering strategies for managing conflict, and learning to understand groups better. One of the biggest trends in communicating interpersonally today is by electronics. One of these trends is a social network called Facebook. Like I said, Facebook has become a past time and means of communication for over 500 million people around the world. In other words, 1/12th of the world’s population uses Facebook on a day-to-day basis. That’s a lot of people! But, why do so many people decide to use it? Well, one reason may be the fact that it’s a good channel of communication. Most people have computers these days, not to mention the internet, so it is easy access for most of the population. It’s also a quick and easy form of interpersonal communication because all it takes to find out what’s going on in people’s lives, what they’re thinking, how their day is going, and so on is a log on to the website. That may sound creepy, but all someone has to do for someone else not to be able to see all their information is a click to block them. Facebook allows interpersonal communication between people across the world, so when families want to see updated pictures of each...
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