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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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M Kelper

Informative Speech Formal Outline


OWI – Beyond the northern boundary of India, where mighty Mount Everest stands tall like a guardian sentinel, is the mysterious land of Tibet-a mystical, faraway land of intense cold, sweltering heat, rugged mountains, and steep valleys-a country where conditions are hard on man and beast alike due to these extreme conditions.

Thesis –Today, I’m going to provide you with information on one of those “beasts”, the breed of dog, the Lhasa Apso.

K a littles - Some of you might not be familiar with this breed of dog, so I’ll be providing you with enough information for you to have a good understanding of them.

K a lots – For those of you who might already be familiar with the Lhasa Apso, I’m hoping to provide you with some interesting facts that you may not know.

Ethos -
Personal – A few years ago, I acquired two female Lhasas from a friend. I’ve always wanted to breed dogs, and since these females were AKC registered, my husband and I decided to take on this new endeavor. It’s truly been a “learn as you go” experience.

Borrowed – Since acquiring my Lhasas, I’ve researched various websites and have read several different articles and books about them.

Preview - I’m going to talk about the history of this breed, how they ended up in America, and todays Lhasa Apso in the United States.


I. History
1. Himalayan Mountains
2. Named after city of Lhasa
B.Temples and Monasteries
1. Watchdog*use a citation somewhere
2. Holy/Sacred
C.Physical Characteristics
1. Bearded Lion
2. Harsh conditions

(We have just talked about the history of the Lhasa Apso; so let’s look at how they ended up in the U.S.)

II. How the Lhasa Apso ended up in U.S.
A.Gifts only

(We have just talked about how this breed ended up in America; now let’s look at today’s Lhasa in the U.S.)

III. Today’s...
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