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  • Published : March 1, 2013
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Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about why gas prices are so high, and continue to rise.

Central Idea: Gas prices are on the rise in the US recently because of three major factors: the price of crude oil, the increase in internal regulations, and the increased demand for the gas.

Organizational pattern: Topical

I. Attention-getter: Back home, I used to spend 6 dollars to fill my car with gas. Unfortunately, today I spent 70 dollars, actually some times it goes up to 80 $ and it looks like there is a good chance for the price of gas to keep increasing. I was wondering why?

II. Establish credibility: I have done some research about gas prices and why they keep changing here in the US. And since I came from one of the leading oil producer country, I think I have a good knowledge about that subject.

III. Relate to audience: Gas is what keep any country alive, without it, the economy would die. Unfortunately, gas is becoming more and more expensive. I am pretty sure that each of you has noticed that crazy increase in the price of gas when you fill up your gas tank.

IV. Preview of Main Points: Throughout the course of my speech, I am going to talk about three major factors that caused the increase in gas prices: the rising price of crude oil, the increase in internal regulations in the United States and increased demand for the product.

[Now let us talk about the first factor]

I.Gas prices are rising because of the price of crude oil.

A. The price of crude oil is mainly influenced by OPEC, (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries), which controls about half of the worlds oil supply.

B. According to a study made in 2012 by EIA (U.S Energy Information Administration), there are three ways OPEC can affect the prices of crude oil: 1. Cuts in OPEC production targets, which increase the price of crude oil. So when OPEC turns the tap down, the...
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