Informative Speech

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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Informative speech
Outline Whoopi Goldberg

Purpose Statement: the audience will learn about Whoopi Goldberg and her skills and styles of communicating. Thesis Statement: Whoopi Goldberg’s skills and styles in communication and her many accomplishments make her the person she is today. Introduction: “We’re not great communicators as human beings. If you have some air in your stomach, wouldn’t you feel more comfortable if you let it out? Imagine how great the world would be if we communicated these things.” Connection: This person is telling us that we are not good at communicating with others. We’re in this class obviously to help with be more like ourselves and work on opening up and trying to be more comfortable as a speaker. Credibility: I have spent the last couple of weeks researching and analyzing someone many of you probably know. Preview: Today I would like to cover with you the some background information on Whoopi Goldberg and her Communication skills and Styles as a speaker. Body:

1.Background information
2.Where she was a communicator
3.Types of audiences she addressed
4.Style of delivery/techniques of speaking
5.My evaluation
Review: So I hope you learned more about Whoopi Goldberg and how effective she is as a speaker. Connection restated: Being able to communicate shows people who you are and makes you be more like yourself when you are around others. Concluding Statement: so look up to Whoopi Goldberg and keep practicing your effectiveness as a speaker, you will learn that oral communication is important to all of you in this room.