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Topics: Coral reef, Coral, Cnidaria Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Coral reef are the most biologically diverse ecosystem on earth which are it is the most productive area as compare to the rainforest and the mangrove area. Coral reef fish are fish which live near to the or close relation to coral reefs. Coral reef forms a complex ecosystem with various biodiversity. Many species of coral reef fish can be found in an area of healthy coral reef area either they are hidden between the reef areas or they are well camouflaged with their environment. Coral reef fishes have special adaptation on their body such as has special mucus that make them can swim nearly to the sea anemone thus enable them survive on the coral reef area. Objective

1. To know the species of the fish that inhibits the coral reef area. 2. To know the characteristics of the species of the fish of the coral reef area. 3. To draw and label the fish external morphology.

1. 30 specimen of reef fishes
2. A4 paper
3. Pencil
4. Tray
5. Camera
1. The specimen of the reef fishes was placed on the table and their external characteristic was observed. 2. The fish specimen then was drawn and their external morphology was labeled. 3. The drawing was compiled altogether with the report.

From this experiment, it can be said that the reef fishes is diverse and we can differentiate them by observing their external morphology such as body shape, the mouth shape, the fins and many more. Not only that, we also know what species of fish that inhibit the coral reef area and reef fishes also have special adaptive features that enable them survive in reef environment such as anemone fish have mucus on their body that used as protective layers from sea anemone. References

1. Common reef fishes. (November 2012). In Redang Island Rendezvous. Retrieved 19 November 2012, from 2. William Alevizon. (2012). Coral Reef Info. In Coral Reef Fish. Retrieved November 19 2012, from...
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