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Topics: Learning styles, Learning, Education Pages: 2 (666 words) Published: November 9, 2012
Title: Determining how each individual best learns information Specific Purpose: To get my audience excited about learning new information by engaging them in specific techniques based on their individual learning styles. Thesis Statement: I am going to inform my audience about the four types of learning styles there are and provide them with different techniques that may be applied to each. I.Introduction: How important is learning to each of you? I am going to assume learning is important because we all are in school for that exact purpose right!? We want to better ourselves. Well, I used to have such a hard time in school, especially when it came time for exams. It wasn’t until I understood my own personal style of learning and what this specific style actually meant that I realized I was approaching my studies all wrong. Eventually I started making better grades. Now, It could definitely be only a coincidence, that I am feeling a lot less stress in school, less anxiety, and am feeling more confident, but I would assume that applying specific methods to study sessions that suit me as an individual, seems a bit more logical. What do you think? Anyhow, I thought it would be a neat idea to help each of you understand the types of learning styles that are out there, and to enlighten you about different techniques that can be applied to your own studies. II. Body

A.There are four different types of learning styles
1.One type of learner is an active and or reflective learner. 2.Another style is the sensing and intuitive learners.
3.There are visual and verbal learners.
4.Lastly, there are those who prefer the sequential and global style of learning. Transition: Now that we understand the four types of learners there are, I would like to enlighten you on just a few ways to access each style.

B. There are many ways to maximize your academic success. I would like to share a few I’ve found helpful myself.
1. I.L.S provides an...
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