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Topics: Wedding, Wedding reception, Crash Bandicoot Pages: 3 (706 words) Published: September 15, 2012
Outline In the extemporaneous method of speaking, an outline is created to make sure all material is clearly developed and well-organized. For practicing and delivering the speech, the speaker does not use the outline, but instead uses brief notes that are based on the outline.

Wedding Crashers Dave Reed

General Purpose: Specific Purpose:

To inform To inform my listeners of the impact that a Hollywood movie has had on our society

Central Idea:

The movie Wedding Crashers has inspired an upsurge in crashing at real-life weddings, but would-be crashers can be identified and turned away.


Attention Material A. Wedding Crashers became an immediate success last year. (Show photo.) [Figure 12.4] B. The movie depicts two young guys who like to crash wedding receptions. C. According to rumors, the movie has inspired a lot of people to crash wedding receptions. 1. They freeload food and drink. 2. They dance. D. Are the rumors true?

II. Orienting Material A. I investigated, using articles and a survey of 17 wedding planners.

B. I found that episodes of wedding crashing are on the rise, but crashers can be deterred. C. I will discuss the details of my investigation. (Transition: Let’s start by looking at what’s going on in America.)

BODY I. The movie has definitely incited an increasing number of crashers. A. Crashing has occurred for centuries, but soon after the movie appeared, a big increase was reported throughout the U.S. (Wall Street Journal) B. All 17 wedding planners report an upsurge during the past year. 1. Before the movie, about 20 percent of weddings had crashers. 2. After the movie, about 60 percent have crashers. C. Crashers like to target fancy receptions in hotels. 1. They love the freebies -- hors d’oeuvres, open bar, dinner, dancing. 2. Boston event planner Bryan Rafanelli: Clients hate spending $1,000 per head for freeloaders. (Boston Globe). D. Contrary to the movie image, not all crashers are young men. 1....
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