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  • Published : August 2, 2012
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Informative Speech Outline

Attention Device: You use them every day; they are everywhere and are more important than you think. “Lighting is a $37 billion industry in the U.S. Experts estimate that there are more than 4 billion light-bulb-requiring fixtures and appliances in homes and workplaces throughout the U.S., Of course all those light bulbs need a huge amount of electricity to work properly.” (Light bulbs).

Topic Revelation Statement: Today I will inform you about light bulbs and explain which light bulbs are good for the environment.
Significant Statement: Light bulbs are everywhere so they impact our lives in every way possible, according to an article in 2007 about light bulbs states: “15% of all energy produced in the U.S. goes toward lighting…” (Light bulbs). However all that lighting and electricity comes at a very costly environmental price.

Preview of Main Point: First I will briefly talk about the history of light bulbs, second the environmental effects of light bulbs, third the government policy regulating them and finally I will explain which light bulbs are safe for the environment and save money. Body:

I.The History of Light Bulbs
a)Let’s begin with the brief history of light bulbs.
b)Turning on a light is simple; however the creation of one is and was difficult back in the 1800’s. c)In 1840 a British scientist Warren De La Rue began experimenting with the basic elements of the light bulb and is known to have the first working light bulb. d)In 1879 another British inventor, Joseph Swan produced a light bulb, but it burned out fairly quickly. It wasn’t until American Inventor Thomas Edison saw Swans light bulb, tweaked it and made it more practical, thus creating a full functioning light bulb in 1879. II.Environmental effects of light bulbs and Government Policy a)According to an article on Wikipedia states “Approximately 90% of the power consumed by incandescent light bulb is emitted as heat, rather than...
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