Informative Fireworks Speech

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Informative Speech Outline
COM 101

Topic: Fireworks

General Purpose: To inform

Specific Purpose: To inform about fireworks and their being.

Thesis: Fireworks vary in many ways, such as type, chemical make up and strengths.

I. Introduction

A. Attention Getter:Do you like bright lights, loud noises and spectacular shows of different colors?

B. Reason to Listen: Today I am going to tell all of you about something that I enjoy and excites many by those characteristics.

C. Thesis Statement: Fireworks vary in many ways, such as type, chemical make up and strengths.

D.Credibility Statement:

1.I have used and enjoyed a few firework displays ever since I was young and I regularly annoy my neighbors with fireworks.

2.Through experience, experimentation and some safety tips from my father, I have learned a lot about fireworks.

E.Preview of Main Points:

1.First, I will talk about how many different types and how they vary with design.

2.Second, I will explain chemical make ups can alter the effects of each type of firework.

3.Finally, I will mention the strengths and legalities of fireworks.

II.Learning more about the types, chemical make up, strengths and legalities of fireworks, you can then create extravagant displays of fireworks.

A.Fireworks come in many different shapes and designs.

1.The first fireworks were discovered accidentally.

a.It is believed that the first "firecrackers" were likely chunks of green bamboo, which someone may have thrown onto a fire when dry fuel ran short. These chunks of bamboo, when heated, would explode and create a loud “bam” sound.

b. After the discovery of gunpowder by Chinese alchemists, the powder was poured into yet more chunks of bamboo to create larger and more dangerous explosions.

2.Some of the more popular types include aerial shells, sparklers and roman candles.

a.Aerial shells, also known as mortar tubes, when ignited, the shell is propelled high into the air, where it bursts into a beautiful pattern of colors, much like the fireworks seen at professional shows.

b. Sparklers are widely used across the globe and when lit, create a shower of sparks.

c.Roman candles are much like mortars, but are handheld and much less powerful.

3.There are many different effects displayed by fireworks also.

a.One of the many effects that can be displayed is the palm, which is the most commonly recognized shape.

b. Another spectacular shape is the willow. It looks just how the name describes it, with trails of sparks after the initial burst.

Transition: Now that I have discussed some of the different types and designs of fireworks, I will describe the chemical make up of fireworks.

B.The colors and different effects of fireworks are the directly effected by the chemical that are combined in the firework.

1.Colors can be displayed by adding different types of metals to the mixture.

a.In making fireworks, the metal salts are put into stars, small clay or dough-like lumps or cubes 3 to 4 cm in diameter. Stars consist of a blend of oxidizing agent, reducing agent, coloring agent, and binders. When ignited, the stars produce both sound and light effects.

b.When calcium is added to the mixture, an orange color appears when the firework bursts. Red is made from lithium or strontium while blue is made from copper.

2. The effects of the burst can also be manipulated.

a. Some fireworks that produce a whistle have a fuel that burns to create the sound. Common whistle fuels usually contain Benzoate compounds.

b.A fish...
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