Informative Essay: Women in the U.S. Army

Topics: Gulf War, United States, United States Army Pages: 1 (316 words) Published: December 27, 2006
Today, many opportunities are available to women in the United States Army. Women can serve in all positions held by men, but women cannot be involved in direct ground combat. This restriction, which some women in the Army resent, has its adherents and its opponents. Nevertheless, while the views about women in the Army differ, women join for the same reasons men do: pride for their country, funds for college, job training, and travel.

While women are not eligible to be involved in direct ground combat, they can perform a variety of other important jobs which support ground combat troops. Among the many roles in which women can serve are as intelligence officers, pilots, and engineers. Despite this, the restrictions on women are still disputed.

The restriction on women in the Army has both support and opposition, and both sides present arguments to support their beliefs. Yet, the opinion is not divided with all women opposing it and all men supporting it. The idea that women are neither physically nor mentally capable to endure the stresses and pressure of combat is held by some military men. Some women as well do not oppose the rule because they themselves do not desire to serve in ground combat.

Many other women, as well as some men, believe that the restriction on women should be abolished because they think that women are perfectly fit and capable for combat. The men even say that they would be proud to serve with women in direct ground combat.

The roles that women serve in the United States Army today can be integral to the progress of the Army itself. Women perform in many significant positions that support soldiers in direct ground combat. Despite some limitations, women have many opportunities to serve in various positions in the United States Army, and many women even volunteered to serve in the Persian Gulf Conflict.
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