Informative Essay: Is Outsourcing Your It Help Desk a Viable Option?

Topics: Outsourcing, Help desk, Technical support Pages: 3 (1090 words) Published: June 26, 2011
Informative Essay:
Is outsourcing your IT help desk a viable option?

Krista M. Belveal

College Composition I: Informative Essay
Professor MacLeod
July 24, 2010

Informative Essay:
Is outsourcing your IT help desk a viable option?
In today’s economy everyone is always thinking about how to make every penny count and businesses are no exception. Everywhere you turn people are searching for some before unseen answer to their financial issues, but when it comes to the business environment sometimes it seems more difficult to find where you can trim costs without cutting corners. Many companies take for granted that they have an internal IT support team and the only thought they may have to cutting costs is to let a few people go but to keep the department. The size of the company is an important element to deciding whether or not you can look for outside IT support. If you have a small to medium sized company, or you have a larger company but it is compiled of small offices scattered across a large geographic area, then you may want to consider a possible outsource solution.

Every company uses computers and most of them use them extensively. Computers have become the must have for the business world, so what do we do when they malfunction or break? We call the computer genius to come and fix it because we need it up and running now! If your company has internal support then you are far too aware that they usually have a heavy work load and can rarely come ‘right now’ to come fix your problem. What if the problem happens after hours or while you are away from the office? Some offices are fortunate to have at least one IT tech on call for just this purpose, but not all offices have that luxury. This means that any type of computer problem is just going to have to wait until the next business day unless you are desperate enough to pay out of pocket for someone else to try to fix it. Even that has its’ disadvantages as you may not be...
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