Informative Essay Difference in Cell Phones

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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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“There is no question about it. The cell phone has completely changed the way that the world lives.” We live in a world of different technologies, but the cell phone seems to have the biggest impact on peoples’ life today. We use newer cell phones and updates daily. Cell phones have changes drastically since the very first cell phone was invented in 1983. Although some people think cell phones updates have not affected them, it honestly has by having different prices of the cell phone, having new appearances’ of the cell phone, the way people communicate, and new updates for different apps. The cost of a cell phone has definitely changed over the years, for instance Retro Brick said, “the price was some $3,995 in 1983 dollars.” Back in 1983, $3,995 was a large amount of money. Comparing the amount in 1983 to 2013, $3,995 is like probably thousands and thousands of dollars more than that in 1983. Today in America to buy a cell phone, you need a contract with a cellular provider for example AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon Wireless. Lets’ say the buyer wants to buy the new IPhone 5, they would have to buy the data plan that has internet, texting, and calling; the costumer has a choice of unlimited calling and texting or having a certain amount minutes for calling and a certain amount of text messages you can send. The price of the IPhone 5 64GB alone is $400. With a contract the IPhone 5 64GB comes out to about $200. The appearance of the cell phone has changed completely. In 1983 the phone was super big, as NBC describes it, “the brick”. It would only allow thirty minute calls and took up to eight hours for it to charge. It was gray and had a large keypad. The only thing you could operate was have a call for thirty minutes. You could only save a few numbers. Of course if you can only have phone calls, which means you could not take pictures. The IPhone 5 is very thin and is light in weight. You have a choice between white or black phone. It only takes up to about...
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