Informative Business Letter

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Example of Business Letter

August 25, 2012

Zhanna Diyarova
707 State St.
Michigan, CT 60677

Diana Darcie
Purple Office Towers, 8112 Monroe St.
Madison, CT 60644

Dear Mrs. Darcie:

We are apologized for recent incident. In my experience this happened the first time, and for as a frequent and our favorite patron the situation was extremely unpleasant. Thank you for submission about bad quality of servers work service. I am e-mailing you to inform that we did performances, which are included: firing, changing menu and of course compensation.

After that awful situation with your server, who ignored you and instead of your ordered dish, gave you another one, our administration fired him.

I also want to apologize again about our server not mention that your favorite dish was removed, however I am glad to say that Chef put back the “L`etamier” dish on menu. The host was punished too, because she didn`t put your name on the list, as a compensation we are giving to you a special priority client card.

The priority client card adds an extra 10% discounts to your already exist discounts, so now you have 15%. Another good side to this card is now you can come without pre-reservation. Especially for you, we will always have priority sit available!

I am sorry for that happened to you, but I responsibly confirm that our restaurant did all what needs to improve our service quality, so you will enjoy more. We look forward for you to come, so you can order your favorite dish and enjoy priority sit.

I want you to now, if you will have suggestion or complains feel comfortable connect with me via email or via phone number 777 390 09 99

Thank you for being with us.

Manager Zhanna Diyarova
Restaurant ‘’L`amour”
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