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  • Published : September 26, 2011
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Effect healthy in lifestyle
To stay healthy, you need to work on four areas exercise, diet, weight control and good health habits. Regular exercise is essential for good health. It tones the muscles, strengthens the bones, and makes the heart and lungs work better. Exercise also help to relieve stress. The most beneficial type of exercise is aerobics. Aerobic exercises, in the form of jogging, cycling and lap swimming, strengthens the heart. It is important to choose a form of exercise you enjoy. It could be dancing or just walking. As long as you do it regularly, you will be fit. People who are fit enjoy life more because they can join in any kind of activity. To maintain a healthy life, it is necessary to develop good dietary habits. Eat more whole wheat grains, fruits, vegetables and fish. Decrease intake of animal protein and fats. Use less salt and take at least 1000mg of calcium a day. Non-fat milk is good source of calcium. Do not forget to drink at least seven glasses of water a day. Avoid eating junk food or processed food which is high in sugar or salt content and has little nutritional value. Developing good health habits is important if you want to keep healthy. Don’t smoke, avoid excessive alcohol intake, and keep moderate hours. Go to bed early and wake up early. Work hard and play hard too. Avoid stress by exercising and developing hobbies. Have a positive attitude towards people and work. Half –yearly dental check-ups are also necessary to maintain dental health. Being overweight can lead to a lot of health problems, you can suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure, varicose veins and gall bladder exercise play the most important role in weight control. Make sure exercise is part of your daily programme. Watch the amount and type of food you eat. Complex carbohydrates are important in a healthy diet. Good healthy is pleasurable and health is miserable. There are other threats to health but if you remember the points mentioned above, you...
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