Informational Technology in Pharmacy

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Informational Technology in Pharmacy

The Research Paper is submitted in partial fulfillment for degree Course: Course: Healthcare Mgmt/Admin Tech System

15 June 2010
Niketa Kansara
Megha Parvatikar
Table of Content:
2.Implementation of IT in pharmacy
3.Evolution in the practice of pharmacy
4.Challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry
5.Drug Distribution Introduction
6.OTC Distribution
7.Prescription Distribution

Today information technology has become a key factor in all the businesses, may it be manufacturing industry, service industry or healthcare industry. Information technology is a must in order to be updated with the trends and to be highly competitive in today’s world. Like all other industries, pharmacies have also been advance in using information technology in operating their day to day functions. It is not only helpful in managing the data of the patient’s or customers but it makes the work easier and efficient. Today pharmacies are using many new technologies in order to overcome many challenges. Patient care is very important and pharmacies play a major role in delivering high level of customer service. “The US government has called the years from 2004-2014 as Health Information Technology (HIT) decade”. The health care organizations and technology industry are working together to enhance and expedite HIT nationwide and pharmacies will have to enhance their knowledge and experience to cope up with numerous opportunities and challenges and advancement of technology, created by the new era of electronic health care. As the health organizations and the technology industry is at the core of the use of medication process, pharmacists will face handling of multidirectional flow of all heath care related data and various automated dispensing and billing process. From electronic prescribing to point of sale technology, mostly all the pharmacies will soon be connected electronically to other health care providers and patients. In order to develop technical integration solutions, pharmacists will have to work with their “Pharmacy Management System (PMS)” vendors, keeping their day-to-day workflow and will have to communicate electronically with other health care providers through PMS. The objective of information technology in pharmacy will be to increase overall quality, safety and efficiency with fewer medical errors and decrease cost and expand patient’s access to affordable health care. Implementation of IT in Pharmacy:

Pharmacists have been using computer systems for many years now, mainly for dispensing, billing, reimbursement purposes, and fully integrated software-as-a-service to MTM systems. Vendors offer PMSs and software for workflow management, e-prescribing, e-signature capture, POS(Point of Sale) solutions, inventory management, card processing, pricing and printing services, interactive voice response, accounts receivable, long-term care, e-medication administration records, claims processing, flexible spending account/health reimbursement account handling, compounding, 340B reporting and more. Out of various technologies, one of the most important technologies used by the pharmacies is Automation. Automation is the automatic operation of a process, equipment, or system or the techniques and equipment used to achieve this. “Automation has the potential to relieve more than half of pharmacies’ prescription volume at higher speeds and with greater accuracy than manual filling (Wechsler, 2009).” Automation helps the pharmacy to allocate more of their time and resources on patient’s health care. One of the best examples of automation is E-prescribing. E-prescribing is the paperless communication from computer to computer among prescribers, pharmacies and the insurance companies. The important thing to notice here is this communication is not done through email. E-prescribing connects...
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