Informational Interview Report

Topics: Public relations, Mass media, Marketing Pages: 7 (1953 words) Published: June 19, 2012
Joel Chen
BADM 3401W
Professor Liebrenz-Himes

Informational Interview Analysis Report


Last summer, I had the opportunity to be referred to Ms. Sharon Goldmacher by my long time family friend, Ms. Judith Williams. While talking to Judith I was introduced to Ms. Sharon Goldmacher. She started a full-service marketing PR firm specializing in brand development, product launch campaigns, media relations, as well as providing marketing, PR, and promotion services. We have met once, however, I never go to formally speak with her. The interview is mandatory in order to get information for my Basic Marketing Management class, but I ended up learning so much more than what was required. As expected, it was a great opportunity to conduct an informational interview with Ms. Sharon Goldmacher over the phone and learn more about what it is she does. The following is a step-by-step layout of this interview, covering everything from general information, a list of questions asked during the interview with answers, an analysis of the job, and a thank you note to the person I interviewed.

General Information:

My interviewee was Ms. Sharon Goldmacher, President of communications 21 integrated marking PR agency. Inspired by other young entrepreneurs during a trip to Australia, Ms. Goldmacher created communications 21 in 1992. The company is committed to “Remarkable Service. Real Results.” In 2011, Ms. Goldmacher was selected as the executive director of the Atlanta Local Organizing Committee for the 2013 NCAA Men’s Final Four, which means she and her firm have taken on a second job: managing the operations and execution for the game as well as providing marketing, PR and promotion services. This event is expected to attract more than 80,000 fans to the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. Ms. Goldmacher was kind enough to talk to me on the phone at 12 p.m. on June 8, 2012. Unfortunately, she was unable to give me her business card due to the nature of the interaction.

The Interview:

Our conversation started out very natural and unrehearsed. Although the interview was conducted over the phone and the only time I’ve seen Ms. Goldmacher was through a picture on LinkedIn, I felt as if I was talking with a good friend that I have not seen in a long while. I was very relieved to not have to rely on my pre-constructed opening and closing statements I jotted down on a paper. Ms. Goldmacher is very professional and has a way of making whoever she is talking to feel important. After a brief introduction of myself, I proceeded to obtain information on questions that I prepared to ask Ms. Goldmacher beforehand.

Me: Thank you for spending time speaking with me about the position you are currently at. First, can you tell me how you got into this field?
Sharon: My college degree had almost nothing to do with what I am doing right now. I studied political science and communications in Tulane University, and during school I worked at the NBC affiliate, WDSU-TV, in New Orleans. My experience in NBC has convinced me to choose a different career path; I started out in Public Relations at two PR agencies in Atlanta and one thing led to another and now I have my own marketing PR company. I think many people end up in their jobs accidentally. Marketing is similar to PR; however, PR is begging for outcome and events while marketing is paying for outcome.

Me: As an integrated marketing PR agency, how do you think your service help your clients and their companies? Can you give me an example?

Sharon: Our company is often charged with a variety of marketing, PR and interactive assignments from clients—from developing marketing plans to establishing customer engagement via social media based off our preliminary marketing research done for our clients. We conduct marketing research to connect and understand what our clients’ various target audiences are seeking in terms of information, services, products, etc. Last year, one...
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