Informational Interview Questions

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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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Here is a list of the kind of questions to ask at an Information Interview when you are considering a career change and need information about a particular position or field of interest.

Personal Background -
• Tell me how you got started in this field?
• How long have you held this kind of job?
• How long have you worked for this organization?

Nature of Work -
• How would you describe your job?
• What are the most frequently recurring problems or challenges? • How is the work changing?
• What are your major responsibilities?
• What are the rewards of your position?
• What do you enjoy most about your work?

Working Conditions –
• Does this job require primarily independent activity or is there a lot of teamwork? • What is the overall working climate/environment like? • What hours do individuals in this job usually work • Is there much flexibility?

• Who evaluates your performance? How is this done? • How supported do you feel in pursuing your development goals?

Preparation Required –
• Can formal educational credentials be substituted for experience? • What kind of on-the-job-training is provided?
• What kind of academic background and experience is required for this position? • Are there specific courses or training programs that are particularly valuable?

Salary & Benefits-
• What potential earnings can someone in this field of work anticipate? • What is a typical entry-level salary in this field? • Are there other benefits that increase total compensation?

Entry into the field –
• How does one get his/her first job? How are these jobs advertised and filled? • What is the current level of opportunity for these types of positions? • Do you anticipate any change for better or worse during the next few years? • Would some previous...