Information Technology: the Parent of Management Information System

Topics: Mac OS, Operating system, Information systems Pages: 3 (865 words) Published: January 19, 2013
Many people use the terms management information systems and information technology interchangeably and think they mean the same. Although both are required to run a business’ infrastructure and other processes, the two also have separate functions. Management Information System, or simply MIS, is the process of providing support to organizations with the use of daily reports, schedules, plans and/or budgets. Information Systems or Technologies (IT) is the combination of people, hardware and software that stores, transform and retrieves information in an organization. Management Information Systems is also an applied science of information technology which is responsible for securing both internal and external data that managers use to make operational decisions. Through the use of this support system, a firm can also determine whether or not it is performing adequately. However, changes in the business field happen very frequently and therefore, it is essential for technology to be on the same, if not faster, pace.

In the today’s workplace, it is imperative that information technology works efficiently and effectively. Information technologies have allowed small business to expand and become more successful. Social networks, such as and, have enabled entrepreneurs to promote their business to a larger audience while staying in their homes. At the same time, they have the ability to receive and share advice and other experiences with other entrepreneurs and business leaders. For example, on, an owner of the new service recently took the initiative to set up an account on the social network to gain exposure. Once he had gained the attention he needed, he was advised to implement a mobile application for customers who would like to take part in the business while away from his/her computer. Social networks such as this also...
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