Information Technology Project Management Processes in Organizations

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6th January 2011

The project manager of RAPC needs to be an expert since it makes work easier in his department which avoids complication of the system in the organization. The project manager should be an expert in the field so that other members in the organization can gain credibility that he/she has been entrusted to perform. Since the processes are based on understanding that the project management involves the integration of processes such as initialization, planning, execution, controlling, monitoring and closing, therefore, the project managers should have a diverse experience and a mechanism that will enable the completion of the projects that are on line at a limited time so that the members can gain credibility with the project manager. In order for the non-project managers to gain credibility with the project manager, the project manager should have a clear understanding of the possibility of the project. However the lack of the subject matter should not be a hindrance to his/her credibility but in order to have a successful project management that depends more on the ability to provide a functional and facilitate a communication network between the departments in the company. It is the responsibility of the project manger to thus control the company resources through allocating the needful resources to the project at the right time and with the exact cost. Nonetheless, the complex projects at the RAPC Company that are initiated by the project manager succeed because of the projects manager’s abilities to facilitate the functional interrelations and interactions of several expertise within the project subject matter which is never dispensable to the response of gaining certain credibility among the non-project managers (Project Management Institute, 2004).

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