Information Technology Managment

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Information Technology Management

How General Motors Is Collaborating Online

In preparation for answering the questions, review the General Motors web site.

Why did it take GM over four years to design a new car? Hide Answer

Coordinating 20,000 designers in 14 GM labs internationally, as well as the multitude of tests and over 1000 suppliers was too huge a task. Communications for collaboration was slow and severely stretched out the time-to-market. The design process was further complicated by over 7000 legacy systems.

Who collaborated with whom to reduce the time-to-market? Hide Answer

EDS created a software system that allowed the designers and engineers to collaborate online, which was aided by NetMeeting from Microsoft. Additional collaboration software was employed for product testing. eMatrix was employed to coordinate activities along the supply chain, and was integrated with the EDS software systems. Search for "eMatrix General Motors" on Google to learn more about the software and how General Motors used it.

How has IT helped to cut the time-to-market? Hide Answer

Improved use of IT has reduced the time to market from 4 years to 18 months. It has also allowed for virtual car crashes, instead of real crashes, producing faster cycle times and dramtically reduced development and testing costs.

Case II
1)• Where and under what circumstances is the “invest first, analyze later” approach appropriate? Where and when is it inappropriate? Give specific examples of technologies and other circumstances. Hide Answer Invest first is appropriate or unavoidable if a new technology is required for the project. There may not even be data to base an analysis on. Invest first is inappropriate if the investment is big, and could financially ruin the firm. If data is available for analysis it should be used. Pre-1999, t he Internet pre-1999 was such a newtechnology. Wireless Internet is a current example, as is l-commerce.

2) • How long do you think the “invest first, analyze later” approach will be appropriate for Intranet projects? When (and why) will the emphasis shift to traditional project justification approaches? (Or has the shift already occurred?) Hide Answer

It was appropriate until 1999. The shift to anlayze first should occur when data for analysis is available. For dotcoms or Internet-based businesses, the awakening came in March 2000 when the stock values of the dotcoms crashed.

3) • What are the risks of going into projects that have not received a thorough financial analysis? How can organizations reduce these risks? Hide Answer

The risk of insufficient or no payback is big for a project undertaken with no analysis. By assessing project status at several points during the project, the risk can be reduced. Managers need to take advantage of such review points to kill projects where costs and benefits have become doubtful.

4) • Based on the numbers provided for Candence Design System’s Intranet project, use a spreadsheet to calculate the net present value of the project. Assume a five-year life for the system. Hide Answer

Answer: $ 8,104,691.08 at 8%

|1)Explain why team based structure at home depot is so successful? |

Implementing a team-based approach to organizational structure can empower employees and increase cooperation among different skills and disciplines. According to Shonk, organizations typically run into problems by trying to force the team approach into the existing corporate structure. In Team-Based Organizations, Shonk shows how to structure and manage an organization built around the team concept. While pointing out the many advantages of a team-based approach, he also identifies some pitfalls and how to avoid them. He makes effective use of diagrams and checklists to illustrate his points, and relies on case studies and...
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