Information Technology Ia

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Information Technology
Unit 2
Internal Assessment

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Abstract 1

Section 12
Problem Definition 3

Analysis of the problem4-5

Identification and Justification of tools6-7

Assessment of the implication of the solution8-9

Section 210
Implementation of the solution11-14

Section 315


For many years the Meadowbrook High School Book Room has been plagued with problems. Problems such as slow service, malfunctioning equipment and the lack of computer devices. However, the main problem encountered is the slow service received when using the Book Room. It has been discovered that there aren’t enough measures put in place to tackle this problem. This research or project is being conducted to rectify this problems encountered. It will identify the causes of these problems, how were they developed, the solutions to rectify them and how the solutions suggested shall benefit the Book Room. This project costs of three sections:

1. Section one comprises of a definition of the problem, an analysis of the findings for the problem, an identification of the most suitable productivity tool and the issues that may arise from the implementation of the solution. 2. Section two comprises of an appropriate use of the Database productivity tool and the solutions to help counteract the problem. 3. Section three comprises of appendices




Problem Definition

The computer Systems that the Book Room uses to operate its business sometimes operates slowly. These computer systems are also not up to date which therefore account for the slow service and sometimes require the installation of new computer software. The main error discovered or made when collecting and returning books is the slow service. When a child receives a book from the book room he or she is expected to take care of the book until it is to be returned. When collecting books from the book room under the book rental program, the number of children collecting books is high due to the fact that the computer system operates slowly and each students name has to be entered into the system. After each name has been entered, then the book he or she is receiving has to be scanned into the system and the name and number each book has to be entered under his/her name for future reference. Children tend to return books that are not theirs, which results in a fine being paid for lost, stolen or outstanding books. Because of these errors, students are forming long lines. There is also the fact that there is only one computer resulting in the slow service. Most of the time when a person visits the book room to return a book, the person in charge has to type in the student’s name, wait until the name and information comes up and then he/she tells you about the books you have outstanding or which books you have returned, resulting in the process being long and slow.


Analysis of the Problem

The book room is known to be one of the most important facilities at Meadowbrook which keeps proper records of books borrowed by students under the rental program. Over the years a number of problems have been encountered with the service at the Book Room. Students are the persons that use this system daily and are the one’s who tend to encounter these problems. The problems identified by the students and other persons are lack of computer devices(22%), malfunctioning of the computer system(10%) and lack of computer software(20%) but the main problem encountered was the slow service(45%), see appendix 6. Three fact finding techniques had been used to...
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