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The last week of class the discussion is one the company’s philosophies and technology. The reading suggest when the student completes the chapter he or she will identify critical factors for managing and supporting end-user information systems. It will give major policy issues for the management of desktop hardware and software. The chapter will illustrate the steps manager and users can take to provide adequate security for personal computer. It portrays why backup of computer data is important and how data is kept safe (Regan and O’Connor, 2002, (p. 260)). This paper will define three major points. The first point is telling the critical factors for managing systems. The next point will tell what data backup is. The last point in the paper will give meaning of copyright software.

Critical Factors for Managing System

Managing end-user information system is a major priority for companies. The issues of technology department of the early years are the current issue of managers in the workplace. There are new techniques for controlling and monitoring information processing. On a daily bases, information is develop and implemented. Solution to problems can vary by the issue, but with guidelines set by the organization can assist. It is important for the manager and the employee know the opportunities, risk, and safe issue involved in a using a desktop computer. They may not recognize a problem, and this can cause other problem. These issues can be in five major areas (Regan & O’Connor, 2002, (p. 260)) The first area is policy issue. When a top management of an organization establishes policies, it is important in showing risk and concern with computers. Organization can set up security and disaster-recovery plans for their computing operations. They can miss the risk and issue managing desktop computers. The policies set up by the organization can vary according to enterprise culture (Regan & O’Connor, 2002, (p. 261)). The second area is physical...
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