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  • Published : October 8, 2011
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Case 1
Proctor and Gamble

Team Number 7
Kelly Amouzon
Kevin McGhee
Angela McKenzie Dixon
Seda Caliskan

Question 1:  What is Proctor & Gamble’s business strategy? What is the relationship of collaboration and innovation to that business strategy? Answer:
P&G’s strategy consists of maintaining the popularity of its existing brands and developing new products by extending existing brands and by creating new brands from scratch via innovation. Innovation is at the core of P&G’s strategy and collaboration is a critical tool to attaining this innovation. In order to constantly come up with new lines of products, P&G must incorporate innovation in every aspect of its business. All objectives and business processes must be aligned in a way to foster and generate innovation. And the most critical tool in attaining such alignments is collaboration. P&G is one of the top 10 largest companies in the world, operating in over 80 countries; it is therefore imperative, in order to attain successful innovation, to develop a cooperative and collaborative environment so as to encourage sharing of ideas and resources and avoid duplication of efforts. Collaboration creates a platform for faster and more efficient brainstorming across locations, and faster generation and sharing of ideas and feedback; this in turn leads to savings in Research and Development costs. Collaboration helps maximize efficiency, encourage communication across locations and ultimately foster innovation.

Question Number 2: How is P&G using collaboration systems to execute its business model and

business strategy? List and describe the collaboration systems and technologies it is using and

the benefits of each?


The Microsoft collaboration systems implemented by P&G included, voice transmission, data transmission, instant messaging, e-mail, and electronic conferencing. By adopting innovative this collaboration system, P&G was able to impact their bottom line by creating more efficient and effective communications processes. With a presence in 80 countries and employing over 140,000 employees, the system allowed employees throughout the world to participate in live planning sessions without leaving their offices. As a result, more people could participate in decision making by accessing the same information at the same time. This “real time” access and analysis of shared information led to reduced cost and increased revenue. Answer Part 2: Collaboration Systems, Technologies and Benefits

| System| Technology| Benefits|
1| Cisco Telepresence| Cisco TelePresence uses the standard IP technology deployed in corporations today, and runs on an integrated voice, video, and data network. Use current broadband connections to support high-quality, real-time voice and video communications between local and branch offices.| Cisco Telepresence allows P & G staff to enhance the communication value of meetings, to have frequent meetings. Quality and collaboration capabilities are at an optimum level which is beyond typical video conferencing. It is able to catch every comment and nuance of the conversation which adds to the human touch of people feeling as if they are in the same room together though they can be miles apart. This also saves money, time, and energy that can allow for reaching more customers, partners; sharing documents that can enhance efficiency.| 2| Microsoft Office Live Communications Server| Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2003 is a manageable and extensible instant messaging server (IMS) that provides a real-time collaboration solution.| It enables corporations like P& G to reach, collaborate, and respond to information more quickly as compared to telephones and e-mail. It helps with the integration of voice, email, instant message, electronic conference, data transmission.| 3| Microsoft Office Live Meeting| MS Live Meeting is an online...
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