Information Technology and Internal Marketing in Providence Solutions Pte Ltd

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Information Technology and Internal Marketing
in Providence Solutions Pte Ltd

Internal marketing has fast become a priority activity within many organizations as companies engage in a race towards the development of unique, sustainable sources of competitive advantage. For many companies, internal marketing is seen as a “solution to the problem of delivering consistently high service quality” (Ahmed and Rafiq xiii), wherein internal marketing activities are designed to align employee actions and behaviors with the values and desired image of the organization, potentially eliminating the costs of business lost due to bad or unsatisfactory employee interactions with customers. The concept of internal marketing was first introduced by Gronroos, who emphasized the importance of “supportive recruitment practices, requisite training, and participative management style” in the development of customer-centric culture among employees (ibid. 14). The basic premise of internal marketing is that employees, as “internal customers,” “must be sold on the service and happy in their jobs before they can effectively serve the final customer” (Pitt and Foreman 25).

Consequently, the main goal of internal marketing is to influence employees’ perception and feelings about their organization, their jobs, and their workplaces. Internal marketing focuses on ensuring that employees gain not only knowledge but commitment to the desired corporate culture and image. Unsurprisingly, majority of internal marketing activities are aimed at creating messages that “proactively influence employees’ knowledge and understanding of the desired brand image” (Mangold and Miles 424). It is in the context of the need to manage information and knowledge exchange from the organization to its employees that information technology (IT) also attains a significant role. Adetayo, Sanni, and Ilori point out, for instance, IT not only “provides the relevant intelligence to enable the right thing to be done at the right time,” it also enables a company to organize, coordinate, and synchronize otherwise fragmented activities that often occur in globally or regionally dispersed locations (692).

Importance of Internal Marketing Strategy for Providence Solutions Pte Ltd.
Internal marketing is especially salient in a multinational organization like Providence Solutions Pte. Ltd., a company involved in the provision of software and other IT products to business and enterprise users. With its staff dispersed in various countries across Asia, communication and information exchange from Providence Solutions’ headquarters in Singapore is a constant challenge. Having multiple offices in different countries also entails a high level of cross-cultural differences and organizational fragmentation within Providence Solutions, thereby giving rise to difficulties in keeping staff motivated and committed to organizational goals. The significance of internal marketing in Providence Solutions is also underscored by its corporate strategy as a provider of cutting edge technology to large and medium sized businesses in Asia. Since the company acts as a direct sales channel for other technology vendors, its staff must be able to meet or exceed the service delivery expectations of Providence Solutions’ existing and potential customers. Internal marketing plays an important role in ensuring that Providence Solutions, through the actions, behaviors, and decisions of the employees that represent the company, is able to consistently deliver high levels of service and satisfy the requirements of business and enterprise consumers. Hence, Providence Solutions’ internal marketing initiatives are critical to the success of its marketing strategy as a service-oriented software distribution company.

IT Tools in Providence Solutions’ Internal Marketing
Software companies like Providence Solutions are undoubtedly familiar with the immense potential of using information technology...
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