Information Technology Affects on Riordan Manufacturing

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Information technology affects on Riordan Manufacturing
Overall Effects of IT on Riordan Manufacturing

Information technology affects on Riordan Manufacturing
Overall Effects of IT on Riordan Manufacturing

Riordan Manufacturing is one of the global leaders in the field of plastic injection molding owned by Riordan Industries. The company employing 550 people with projected annual earnings of $46 million. The corporate headquarters and research and development are located in San Jose, CA. The various manufacturing plants are located in Albany, GA, Pontiac, MI and Hangzhou, China. The company customers include some of the top automotive manufactures, airplane manufactures. From the company financial statement shows that the company in a good position on the market but the profits needs to be increased. The profit margin is lower than the industry average for Riordan .This means that Riordan have to keep its costs low and maximize profits to meet with than other companies doing the same business. The company current asset to liability ratio (current ratio) is approximately 2.87, which means that the company has twice current assets to the current liabilities. By examining the riordan system many gaps was found and Many of improvements that can take place to the current systems and subsystem to provide increase in the benefits and skills and production line. Taking a look at the current system for the finance and accounting riordan stated that each location has its own F and A system which report back to San Jose. The F and A Department have been unable to achieve anything remotely resembling “seamless compatibility.” Some F and A data is provided to corporate via data files; some data is provided via hardcopy reports and must be re-entered; some data is provided via data files but must be converted (redirected) to the proper account codes and the list goes on. Riordan will need to implement a new system to communicate effectively...
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