Information Technology

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Information Technology

Practical Assessment Task (PAT)



Guidelines to the teacher

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The objective of the Practical Assessment Task is to allow the teacher to directly and systematically observe and evaluate the applied competence of the learner. The PAT comprises the application of knowledge (content, concepts and skills). In Information Technology the PAT counts 25% of the total promotion mark for the subject (i.e. 100 marks out of 400 marks). It is implemented across the last two terms of the school year and should be undertaken as one extended task, which is broken down into different phases or a series of smaller activities.

The IT PAT comprises of three phases:
* Investigation and Analysis
* Design
* Coding, Implementation and Internal Documentation, including Presentation and General Evaluation BProgramming Project
1.What is the programming project about?
The programming project of the Practical Assessment Task in Information Technology requires the learner to develop a software solution for a particular problem within a given scenario. 2.Planning for the programming project

Scenario for the 2012 Grade 11 PAT:
Many people work full time and do not always have time to collect items such as prescription medicine, daily requirements such as bread and milk, etc. or to transport children to and collect them from extracurricular activities. Others, do not have transport and need to use public transport to collect essential items. Another group chooses to shop on the Internet and these items need to be delivered. A group of entrepreneurs saw this need and implemented affordable delivery services / courier services / transport services on a small scale in a limited geographical area such as a town, suburb or district. Investigate such a service and write a program for such a service that these people would be able to use to run and manage these small businesses. You could give consideration to aspects such as different types of services, e.g. normal, speed, different vehicles used, e.g. motorbike, bicycle, kombi, delivery at a central point or door-to-door, as well as different routes, e.g. fixed, special routes. The learner may choose his/her own topic/application within the context of the given scenario. In completing the project the learner will apply the following skills * Investigation

* Analysis
* Design
* Software development
* Programming skills using the programming language studied * Database development
* Graphical User Interface (GUI) design
Sections of the assessment tool will penalise projects that are not related to the given scenario. 2.2Development phases of the project
The programming project will be completed in three phases indicated in the following table.
Phase| Marks| %|
Phase 1: Investigation and Analysis | 30| 17.5%|
Phase 2: Design| 30| 17.5%|
Phase 3: Coding, Implementation, Internal documentation, including Presentation and Evaluation| 110| 65%| Total| 170| 100|
IMPORTANT: Documentation/evidence of what the learner did during each phase of development must be submitted at specified intervals. It is vital that evidence is supplied for all phases of work. The required document for each of these phases is given in the learner section of the document. Deadlines for handing in the final product of each phase will be set by the teacher taking into account the moderation dates for the different phases. The product of each phase will be assessed and the marks will be recorded. 2.3Requirements for the project

The learners should adhere to the following minimum criteria:
Investigation and...
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