Information Systems Proposal Paper

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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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Information Systems Proposal Paper

February 27, 2013

Information Systems Proposal Paper
Table of Contents
Functional Area Information System4
The Three Levels of Information Systems5
Transaction Processing System5
Management Information System5
Executive Support System5
Reference Page5

Starting up a business requires planning, making financial decisions, completing a series of legal activities, and having some knowledge of information systems. Businesses are comprised of five major information systems on three levels, according to the illustration in the image below. This proposal will briefly cover four of the five major information systems and go over the three levels of systems; however, the focus will be on the following four information systems, (1) functional area information system, (2) transaction processing system, (3) management information system, and (4) executive support system.

Functional Area Information System
A functional information system is comprised of several smaller information systems that support specific activities performed in the functional area (Brittain, 2012). In a business the manner in which work is organized, coordinated, and focused, to produce a product or a service is known as a business process. IS applications in any functional area can be integrated to form a coherent departmental functional system and they can be integrated across departmental lines to match a business process or be completely independent. Business processes span several different functional areas; some examples are in the following table with descriptions of each.

Functional Area| Description|
Marketing and SalesInformation System| * This system captures sales data at the moment the sale takes place to help the business monitor sales transactions, provides information to help management analyze sales trends, and proves the effectiveness of marketing...
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