Information Systems Proposal

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Information Systems Proposal
July 16, 2012

Table of Contents
Office Automation Systems4
Transaction Processing4
Management Information System4
Executive Dashboard5
Electronic Commerce System6

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July 16, 2012

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Information systems are the grounds for running a business in today’s world. Information systems will improve the process of the business. This helps in transferring information to be able to place orders with other providers for their customers. Finding the right information system is important in order to be able to successfully operate a business. These systems will help in developments in several areas, planning, and to manage on the everyday operation of the business. One must have an understanding about the different types of information systems. One not knowing about the information systems can make it harder on operating a business. Business owners need to know which information systems will be best for running their business. This proposal is to explain the different types of information systems that would benefit the record store. It will show the advantages and disadvantages of each information system. The systems to be considered are Office automation system, Transaction processing, Management information system, Executive dashboard and Electronic commerce system.

Table 1

Type of system| Function| Example|
Office automation system| Supports daily activities| Microsoft Office| Transaction processing| Processes the transaction data | Point-of-sale terminal| Management IS| Supports company activities | Total sales for each customer| Executive dashboard| Views performance goals| Status of sales| Electronic commerce system| Enables transactions between organizations and customers| Enables sales via internet| Office Automation Systems

Office automation systems are networked computer hardware and software. Many automation systems are applied to business and communication functions to prepare written communications and strategic planning. Office automation can save time and money by matching the outside authorities in typing, printing, or even electronic recording. (Office Automation Systems Research & Articles, n.d.) Creating electronic office environments eliminates paperwork. Some examples of office automation systems are:

* Microsoft Word
* Microsoft Access
* Microsoft Excel
* Microsoft PowerPoint
* Lotus 1-2-3

The benefits of using office automation systems are that since paperwork is put into this system it removes the piles of paperwork that are on the desk. This allows for a certain invoice to be found. It helps personal to be able to stay on task. It holds schedules and any other collaboration tools that are necessary. Office automation systems also create documents and generate reports for everyday productivity. The system also allows daily operating support. The main advantage is the cost effectiveness by archiving and saving documents. (About Office Automation: Advantages and Disadvantages, n.d.) The drawbacks of office automation system are training the employees properly. If they are not trained properly on the system, it can cause certain tasks not to be completed properly or on time. There could also be compatibility problems; if there are too many files it could slow the computer down which would be time consuming. Transaction Processing

Transaction processing monitors, stores, collects, and process data that are generated from business transactions. It handles high volume, avoids errors, downtime, and record results accurately, and also maintains privacy and security. (Week 10: Chapter 8-Functional Area Information Systems, n.d.)

This system will allow the salesperson to electronically record information from the sales by ringing up the...
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