Information Systems Management

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  • Published : March 3, 2012
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Chapter 1
1. Briefly describe how outsourcing and strategic alliances have impacted IS organizations. Page Ref: 9 2. Describe the key differences between procedure-based information work and knowledge-based information work. Page Ref: 18 3. Why is it important for the IS organization to recognize the distinction between procedure-based activities and knowledge-based types of information work? Page Ref: 19 4. Briefly describe how the Web has changed the term data. Page Ref: 14 5. Describe two major data issues facing CIOs today. Page Ref: 14 6. Due to the growth and pervasiveness of IT, organizations are operating in a much different business environment. Describe three business issues that dramatically affect IT. Page Ref: 2 7. Discuss how the emergence of the Internet economy has affected the global market place. Page Ref: 7 8. List four principle elements that represents the process of applying IT to accomplish useful work. Chapter 2

1. Briefly describe the five IT waves of innovation. Page Ref: 51 2. Briefly describe Cox's four functions of IS. Page Ref: 54-55 3. Distinguish between the roles of the CIO in the mainframe, distributed, and Web Eras. Page Ref: 63-64 4. List five approaches a CIO could use to increase their understanding of the business and environment. Page Ref: 65 5. Why has IT governance become a prominent issue? Page Ref: 75 6. Why should a CIO develop a strategic vision? Page Ref: 68-69 7. How can the risk of technological change be managed? Page Ref: 88 8. Briefly describe the Enterprise wide Information Management Model. Page Ref: 63 9. List three traditional responsibilities of IS and describe how these responsibilities can be “nibbled” away IS departments. Page Ref: 52 10. List and briefly describe three decision domains from the Broadbent and Weill IT governance arrangements matrix. Page Ref: 74

Chapter 3
1. Distinguish between three types...
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