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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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BIS100 Information Systems Description Template
School of Information Systems
Curtin University
25/7/11 • v3.2

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Table of Contents

1. General Description
2. External Description
3. External View
4. Internal Description
5. Internal View
6. Further Notes
7. References

1. General Description of the Information System


AirAsia Online Ticketing System

General Description

Airline ticketing systems offer users information on airline schedules, taxes on airfare, passenger reservations and ticket records. It allows users and agents to buy and distribute tickets to all available flight destinations on the AirAsia network. The user only needs to indicate the desired destination and dates, and the available flight schedule and prices will be made available. Purchasing can be made without the hassle of having to go to a ticketing office in person.

Users (or Other Information Systems) and User Functions
Customers – Purchasing tickets online and receiving complete itinerary. Travel Agents – Arrangement of pricing for tours according to the price of tickets.

Customers can purchase their tickets online and have a view of their complete itinerary online.

2. External Description of the Information System


Customers – Indication of flight schedule preference, personal information, payment options.

Travel Agents – Available type of tour packages


Customers – Complete itinerary will be provided. E-receipt may be printed out if desired.

Travel Agents – Airfare prices for available tour packages which can be redesigned according to the pricing of tickets.

Information Processing

Purchasing of tickets available from customers

List of available tickets remaining and how to price accordingly

Credit card payment security checks to ensure legality

Information Stored

Customer personal information for future reference and promotional advertising

Purchase records that will help determine future availability of flight schedules

System Boundary

External (Outside) Components


Travel Agents

Internal (Inside) Components

Ticketing management system

Flight Schedules and availability

Payment Processor

3. External View of the Information System


Figure 1 - External View of the Information System

4. Internal Description of Information System

Information Processors

Customer Management system – Information of customer to be used for recognition upon arrival at check in of the airport. Seat preference and disability issues that may be existent.

Payment management system – Ensure information is secure and...
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