Information Systems Chapter 7 Rq

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Chapter Seven| Review Questions

Q1- What is Internet? Who used it and why ?
A Collect of interconnected networks, all freely exchanging information. More than 1.3 billion people use the internet around the world, the internet make the life easier and faster at all things.

Q2-What is the ARPANET ?
A project started by the U.S. department of Defense (DoD) in 1969 as both an experiment in reliable networking and a means to link DoD and military research contractors including many universities doing military-funded research.

Q3- Identify the features of the Internet that make it unlikely to stop working from a single point of failure. Why do you think the internet has such as high degree of redundancy? WAN – Connects large geographic regions .

Q4-What is Web browser ? Provide two examples .
Web client software such as Internet Explorer , Firefox, and Safari used to view web pages.

Q5- Explain the naming conventions used to identify Internet host computers. --------------------------------------.

Q6-Briefly describe three different ways to connect to the internet. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each approach ? Connect via LAN SERVER | Connect Via Dial-Up | Connect Via High-Speed Service

Q7- What is an Internet service provider ? What services do they provide ? ISP => Any company that provides Internet access to people or organizations . * Some ISPs such as America Online (AOL) of Microsoft Network (MSN) offer extended information services through software installed on the subscriber’s PC. Many others simply offer a connection to the Internet that subscribers use with Internet software to access various services.

Q8-What are the advantage and disadvantage of e-mail ?
Adv= No longer limited to simple text massage | Dis= Spam Emails .

Q9- What benefit dose IMAP e-mail have over POP ?
IMAP => allows you to view e-mail using Outlook or other e-mail software without downloading and storing the messages locally. POP => is used...
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