Information Systems Briefing

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  • Published : January 22, 2013
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Information Systems Briefing


April 9, 2012

Information System Briefing

A health care organization must stay up-to-date on the information systems that are available to provide its patients with the best care possible. In the MIS Quarterly, a magazine that covers computer businesses, an article stated: “Selecting and effectively pursuing the right information system and technology can be a key factor in sustaining corporate viability and prosperity” (Bacon, 1992, Abstract section, para 1). The following paragraphs will explain the process the Patton- Fuller Community Hospital will utilize in selecting and acquiring an information system, the goals that drive Patton Fuller to select a particular system, and the roles the organizations stakeholder’s play in the selection and acquisition process. Selection and Acquisition

The process for selecting and acquiring an information system can be an overwhelming and time consuming task. In working on this brief, I found a sizeable amount of vendors that supply information systems to health care organizations. To make this process simple and easy, the first essential step Patton-Fuller must accomplish is to set up a committee that will oversee the purchase of the information system. This committee will consist of people involved in key decision-making choices on both the patient and business side of the hospital. This includes the nursing staff, receptionists, doctors, managers, partners, and members of the board of directors. The committee will be in charge of handling the process from start to finish. The members will supervise the project by making major decisions in regard to the policies that everyone will follow, and making certain the project adheres to the allotted budget. The committee will first perform a review of the different departments and gain an understanding of what the departments would most like the system to do. Next, the committee will write and...
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