Information Systems Are Essential to Kudler Fine Foods

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Information Systems Are Essential To Kudler Fine Foods
There is not a business today that could be competitive without information systems and Kudler Fine Foods is no exception. Kudler Fine Foods uses a Retail Enterprise Management System (REMS) to handle the various financial, accounting and inventory management processes of the business. Without this REMS, Kudler Fine Foods’ availability of needed data would be very limited. “Managers and other decision makers need rapid access to correct, comprehensive, and consistent data across the enterprise if they are to improve their business processes and performance” (Turban & Volonino, 2010, p. 80). The goal of this paper is to demonstrate how Kudler Fine Foods uses their REMS and why it is essential to their business processes. REMS Modules and Their Functionality

The REMS that Kudler Fine Foods uses is broken up into modules that each handles a different aspect of the business. These modules consist of the general ledger (GL) module, accounts payable (AP) module, point of service (POS) module, bank reconciliation module, and a security module (Apollo Group, Inc., 2009). Although each module has specific functions distinct to their business process the data across all of the modules is housed in a central database that is accessible from any module. This allows for easy transitions of data for instances such as when one module requires information that is gathered by another module. Point Of Service Module

The POS module handles the collection of sales data and its distribution to other modules. The POS module records all retail sales then transmits this data to the GL module, electronic payment clearing house and the purchasing manager (Apollo Group, Inc., 2009). Once the GL has received data from the POS it does several functions automatically; adds the sale to the cash account, credits sales figures, removes items sold from the merchandise inventory accounts and reports the net profit of the sale (Apollo...
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