Information Systems and Enrollment System According

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Chapter 2

Local literature
1.Candapan process Departmental Enrollment System
According to Ryan Gantalao and Kenneth Pael from an Article that serves as a school newspaper in Norsu;

Statement:“To address the perennial problem in Negros Oriental State University (NORSU) during the enrollment period, University registrar Reymil Cadapan proposed on the University administration a Department Enrollment System wherein enrollment is done by college. Cadapan said that the department enrollment system will eliminate long queues of students during enrollment because they can go directly t their respective deans or course advisers for advising of subjects. He said that the system will be decentralized to the different colleges and will make it easier to evaluate student’s grade”.

Conclusion: Problem is encountered in the enrollment system such as having long queues in processing the data. The only solution is to eliminate long dossier by automating the process.

2. Access Automated Enrollment
According to ACCESS;
Statement:“A web based enrollment and school management system will features that can meet a school system needs and requirements. This includes standardized modules for student registration (student information system), enrollment, automated fees computation, cashiering and accounting, grade management, reporting modules…that are deemed necessary to run and administer a school.”

Conclusion:It is very practical for a school to adopt a new environment especially in upgrading things in-related to school like enrollment system. The Excellency of each school really depends on how they can handle each enrollee every semester.

3. Samar State University Automated Enrollment System
According to Samar State University;

Statement:“The Automated Enrollment System of Samar State University aims for an accurate, user friendly, efficient system that can help both the student and personnel for fast data processing of enrollment. Engr. Hediki Hashimoto, a Japanese volunteer headed the creation and conceptualization of the system. The information technology faculty from the college engineering of Arts and Sciences assisted him. The system that is web based uses PHP Programming language with data stored in MYSQL is run through the intranet of SSU”.

Conclusion:Good thing to have an efficient and trouble free enrollment process is to look at the positive side of containing the automated enrollment system that will surely help a lot in generating reports and accurate information processes.

4. K To 12 Grading SystemAccording to Ina Hernando-Malipot Statement: “The new grading system seeks to measure the students’ level of proficiency at the end of each quarter, the assessment process is holistic and aims to ensure the quality of student learning with emphasis on formation and development,” Education Secretary Armin Luistro explained. Conclusion:With the new grading system,a child’s progress can be monitored much better therefore being able to tell what he doesn’t and does know giving to learning more. 5.Payroll System

According to Aiven Bareng;
Statement:”Is important in every business, with the aims of minimizing costs and streamlining work processes. We, create web solutions, are pleased to introduce the ZenHours our next generation Time Keeping Management, Fully Automated Payroll System integrated with Leaves and Overtime Tracking. We are confident that ZenHours will effectively address your needs for our goal is to make payroll one click away. Traditional methods are holding you back. We can now set you free.”

Conclusion: With a System such as this,processes goes on smoothly and progressively.

Foreign literature

1.Enrollment Process of University of California
According to the US published thesis A. Pussion of the University of California Campus. Statement: “ This Enrollment System will service the entire student’s population of the University under the scheme; the administrative personnel...
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