Information Systems

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SUMMARY ( LECTURE NOTES 1 – Information Systems in Global Business Today)1. Explain why Information Systems are so essential in business today. ØInformation Systems are fundamental for conducting Business today.
ØIn many industries, survival and even existence is difficult without extensive use of Information Systems.
ØInformation Systems have become essential for helping organizations operate in a global economy.
ØOrganization are trying to become more competitive and efficient by transforming themselves into ‘Digital Firms’ where nearly all core business processes and relationship with customers, suppliers, and employees are digitally enabled.

ØBusiness today use Information Systems to achieve six major objectives:
1. Operational excellence 4. Improved Decision making 2. New product, Services & Business models 5. Competitive advantage 3. Customer / Supplier intimacy 6. Day-to-day survival

2. Define an Information System from both Technical and Business perspective
From a Technical perspective:

ØAn Information System collects, stores, and disseminates Information from an organization’s environment and internal operations to support organizational functions and decision making, communication, coordination, control, Analysis and visualization.

ØInformation Systems transform raw data into useful Information through three basic activities: Input, Processing and Output
From a Business perspective

ØAn Information System provides a solution to a problem or challenge facing a firm and provides real economic value to the business.

3. Identify and describe the three dimensions of Information Systems An Information System represents a combination of Management, Organization, and Technology elements.

ØThe Management Dimension involves:
§Management behaviour.

ØThe Organization Dimension involves:
§Organization’s hierarchy,
§Functional specialities,
§Business Processes,
§Political interest groups

ØThe Technology Dimension consists of:
§Computer Hardware,
§Data Management technology,
§ Network / Telecommunications technology (including the Internet.) Loading...
4. Asses the Complementary Assets required for I.T to provide value to a Business
ØAn Information System is part of a series of ‘Value-adding activities’ for acquiring, transforming and distributing Information to improve Management decision making, enhance Organizational performance, and ultimately Increase firm profitability

ØIT cannot provide this Value unless it is accompanied by supportive changes in Organization and Management called Complementary Assets
These Complementary Assets include:

§New Business Models
§New Business Processes
§Supportive Organizational Culture
§Incentives for Management Support and innovations
§Social Assets (Such as Standards, Laws and Regulations),
§Telecommunications infrastructure.

§Firms that make appropriate investments in these complementary Assets, also called Organizational and Management Capital, receive superior returns on their IT Investment.

5. Identify and describe contemporary approaches to the Study of Information Systems and distinguish between Computer Literacy and Information Systems Literacy.
ØThe study of Information Systems deals with issues and insights contributed from Technical and Behavioural disciplines.
ØThe Discipline that contributes to Technical approach are:
§Computer Science
§Management Science
§Operational Research

ØThe Discipline that contributes to Behavioural Approach are:

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