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  • Published: March 16, 2013
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Social commerce refers to online sales together with social media website’s like Facebook, applications like Twitter, and blogging programs like Tumblr and Posterious. Further, it is an element of electronic commerce. They gain advertising revenue via businesses and corporations buying ad space. Little things you can do on these social media giants such as “liking” a product or company on Facebook, or retweeting on Twitter bring great value to the company. Research shows that people are more likely to trust or follow their friend’s recommendation than a business in an advertisement. (1) The emerging role of technologies like Twitter and Facebook provide examples of socially enabled strategies and technologies used in business contexts. Businesses are finding new ways of increasing profits by advertising on these sorts of socially enabled strategies and technologies. It is monumental how valuable what the social media websites and Twitter provide with so much endorsement or negative comments of goods and services in the States and around the world. The fact that word of mouth is trusted more than a typical advertisement, technologies like Facebook and Twitter are providing a new platform for advertising and finding ways to increase the profitability of a company. This could also be bad as when a company is negatively spoken about by celebrities.

You can reach the millions of users on Facebook and Twitter through social commerce; which provides several additional features. It broadens your territory for advertisements. Social commerce is relatively inexpensive. High-speed internet access is often included for free in apartments, but is not absurdly high as to ward off customers. The prices of these new technological advances continue to drop significantly relative to their capabilities and recent polls show 91% of Americans use cell phones. Further, the ease of use is decreasing. These technologies are getting much more powerful. Twitter gives people...
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