Information System of Ups

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Information System in Organization

Information System of UPS

Question 1.
FedEx is a logistics provider which can deliver your goods from anywhere around the world to your desired destination within 24 hours. FedEx has the same services offered as UPS, which are categorized to air and land shipments. FedEx being the number one in air freight forwarding and the UPS being number one on the ground because of its large network. To provide real-time package tracking for each shipment, FedEx uses one of the world's largest computer and telecommunications networks. The company's couriers operate SuperTracker® hand-held computers, to record the transit of shipments through the FedEx integrated network. FedEx heavy investments in IT solutions as it presented COSMOS and Powership 3 for better package control resulting in an improved quality. COSMOS (Customer Operations Service Master On-line System) is a computerized package tracking system that monitors every phase of the delivery cycle at Federal Express. FedEx employees constantly input information into COSMOS by several means. Customer service representatives enter shipping information into COSMOS through computer terminals, alerting the dispatcher closest to the pick-up or delivery area. Dispatchers relay pick-up and delivery information to the courier via DADS, small digitally assisted dispatch computer systems found in all courier vans. Hand-held computers, called SuperTrackers, are used to scan the progress of the package an average of 5 times from pick-up to delivery. Couriers simply scan the bar code on every waybill with their SuperTracker, at every stage of the delivery process. Scans are performed at time of pick-up, on arrival at the origin station, at the final station, when placed on the van of the courier's route and at delivery. SuperTrackers retain and transmit package information such as destination, routing instructions and the type of service requested. Once a courier returns to the van,...
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